BOLOGNESE                                                             £9.95


Spaghetti pasta with Bolognese sauce.



CARBONARA                                                            £9.95


Spaghetti with pancetta, fresh eggs and cream.



LASAGNA                                                                £10.95


Homemade baked pasta stuffed with Bolognese, bèchamel sauce and parmesan cheese.



LINGUINE SAPORE DI MARE                              £11.95


Linguine with mix seafood in a cherry tomato sauce.



PENNE SALMONE                                                 £10.95


Penne with Salmon and cherry tomatoes in a fresh pink sauce.



TAGLIATELLE DELLA NONNA                              £9.95


Tagliatelle with homemade meatballs in a rich tomato sauce  



GNOCCHI ZUCCA E TALEGGIO                           £10.95


Gnocchi pasta with pumpkin and Taleggio cheese.



RISOTTO FUNGHI                                                 £10.95


Our special Arborio rice with mushrooms and creamy sauce.



FANTASIA DELLO CHEF                                       £11.95


Ask to the staff member our Special of the day.

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